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Ron Sexsmith

The Last Rider Double Vinyl (w/ Signed Insert)

Double LP £20.00

Release Date: 21/04/2017

Discs: 1

Ron Sexsmith will release a new album, The Last Rider on April 21st 2017 on the Cooking Vinyl label.

The double vinyl of ‘The Last Rider’ will include a bonus track ‘All This Love’.

‘The Last Rider’ features 15 new Sexsmith original songs that are by turns happy, sad, romantic, bittersweet, uplifting, spiritual and witty. Recorded at The Bathouse studio on Lake Ontario near Toronto, sessions for the record were a marked change in approach from Sexsmith’s previous albums, as he recorded it with the musicians he knows best, his touring band - Don Kerr (Drums), Jason Mercer (Bass), Dave Matheson (Keyboards) and Kevin Lacroix (Guitar). The album was produced by Ron and Don Kerr, who have been friends and musical collaborators since they worked together as couriers in the late eighties.

“I think my sound has always been a combination of the folk singers and British invasion artists I’ve always admired,” says Ron. “At this point, it’s just second nature for me to write short, melodic songs that say everything you want to say. But having my band totally involved on this album maybe brought out more in the songs than on other recent albums. It felt special, anyway.”

1. It Won't Last For Long
2. Our Way
3. Breakfast Ethereal
4. Worried Song
5. West Gwillimbury
6. Who Are We Right Now
7. Shoreline
8. Dead End Dreams
9. Evergreen
10. Upward Dog
11. Only Trouble Is
12. Radio
13. Every Last One
14. Dreams Are Bigger
15. Man At The Gate (1913)